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Movie review - The never ending story

Title: The never ending story
From: 1984
Genre: Drama, children's movie, classic

Bastian is a little boy who lives alone with his father. 
One day Bastian is on his way to school, and on his way he get stopped by some bullies (we don't like those), because they want his money. Bastian doesn't have any and ends up getting thrown in a dumpster. Bastian quickly hops out of the dumpster and the bullies sees him and starts chasing him. Bastian runs for his life and he ends up hiding in an old bookstore. The owner of the bookstore is a grumpy old man who starts talking to Bastian, and before the old man knows it Bastian is long gone with a book he "borrowed" from the man.
Bastian starts reading the book and that is when all the fun begins.
Trolls, weird creatures and flying dog dragons appear - pretty weird I know, but trust me it's all good.
The terrible nothing (cause they couldn't come up with a better name for it), is out to ruin Fantasia and its people who lives there, and on top of that the pretty empress is deadly sick because of it all.
Then the great warrior Atreju comes in the picture and he promise to save Fantasia and the empress, and if the great warrior fails, well then everything will be destroyed (no pressure at all huh?).

What I thought:

When I first saw this movie I was a little kid, so when I started this movie (a couple of days ago) I was kind of fearing it would suck, but it didn't.
I can understand why it is a classic and a must see for children (and adults). It has great messages in the movie about standing up to bullies (what goes around comes around), and believing in yourself, Just keep in mind that it's an old movie so it is not that high tech ;)
I recommend it.

Btw what do you guys think of these reviews?
Good or bad?
And do you prefer me writing them (like this) or copy paste them from other sites?
Of course there will be sometimes when I copy paste, cause time is not always in my favor, but oh well.

Have a great weekend blogbirds

Xoxo Mie

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