mandag den 15. oktober 2012

Recap of the weekend

This weekend I got a lovely visit from my cousin who lives in Copenhagen. He had to take his very first train ride over to me. My bf and I decided to pick him up in Nyborg so he only had an hour or so alone in the train.. The ride went really good and you could tell he was very proud :D
On our way home my little man got hungry so we decided to stop by McDonalds.

Saturday was the big day were we went to see Walking with dinosaurs. We started the day by playing a lot of xbox and then the loooong ride to Herning came and took its toll on the little guy as you can see :)

And then we finally arrived.

After a great show it was time to go home.

Sunday came and we started out by eating breakfast and then finding a small lake to feed some ducks. I tried to play photographer for a day. 

 After we came home from our little morning trip it was time to pack. My cousin did however squeeze some more xbox time in :)

Waiting for the train in Nyborg. We ate lunch at sunset boulevard.

I hope you guys had a great weekend

Xoxo Mie

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