onsdag den 24. oktober 2012

Wishlist wednesday #18

This wishlist is a bit different... Usually its what material goods I want, but this time it is dream jobs.
I was watching National geographic and I all of the sudden thought OMG I want to work there.... so yeah here we go :P

1. A job at National geographic.. I would honestly take any job there. I think national geographic is the most amazing thing ever, and you just cannot help but watch.

2. a job as blogger for the TLC channel. Oh how I love everything on that channel, and when I saw they had bloggers i kept thinking - I WANT THAT TOO

3. And of course I want to be a ROCKSTAR. I can't sing or dance but oh well.. maybe people will pay me to shut up lol.

What are your guys dream jobs?

Xoxo Mie

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