onsdag den 19. oktober 2011

Wishlist wednesday #6

Time for a new wishlist wednesday yay.. I love reading about these so much and getting inspiration

so here we go

1. Monster

I love these bad boys... I will always remember my first (lol) . I was on a trip to sweden by myself and I was so tired that I thought I would buy an energy drink that I could drink on the train home to copenhagen.
It's been instant love ever since, and now that I have a monster buddy I crave them even more
You can't get them here in denmark so I have to go to germany to get them and that wont happen until december I think

2. getting a small business plan done

As some of you know I want to start my own business.. I want it to be professionally done thats why I must have a business plan - it sucks making it especially when the energy is not there.
Again some of you know there are some things that are taking up space in my mind at the moment, so not much is done on this front

3. my online friends lived closer

I really wished all of you guys lived closer to me, I would bake you a cake or something, or at least buy one haha
I've made some cool friends on here and on twitter and im really thankful for that. You guys rock more than you know

Hope you guys are having a great wednesday 


4 kommentarer:

  1. awww cute wishlist! it's nice to read one that isn't about wishing for the latest clothes! :D Xx

  2. Very nice ;). What kind of business were you hoping to do?

  3. =D I feel for you, I couldn't handle being Monsterless...I seriously would probably blow $500 each visit to Germany lol.
    Business plan sounds great... I am really curious as to what you want to do!!
    I agree with you and the online friends being closer! There are a few really great ones out there =)

  4. awwww, how cute :')
    wow, never tried monster, is it good!?