mandag den 31. oktober 2011

my weekend in pictures

Just thought I would share some pictures with you guys from this weekend.
The bf clearly talked me into walking around on a couple of beaches and in a couple of woods, so we could find stuff with his baby (his metal detector)

Look at the cool star I found

An old coin we found

The bf doing his best

Hej means Hi on danish :)

Sunday was they day we spend in the woods

Keep in mind Im wearing 4 layers of clothes underneath that jacket..

And then I found this sign at a gas station... apparently dogs are NOT allowed to smoke there hahahaha

We were lucky and found two buttons from a german marine guy from world war 2, when we were out in the woods. they are actually worth money so its pretty cool
We also found some old danish coins so that was kinda cool to see.

Hope you had a great monday 


4 kommentarer:

  1. Nice photos! Indeed I can see the star :D love the last one ^^

  2. haha yeah the last one is funny =D

  3. Lol damnit I love hanging out with dogs while they smoke at the gas station;)
    Ooo i like your jacket it's really cute!!
    Are those photos instagramed?

  4. Yeah I knew you were that kind of person hahaha

    Thank you and yes the last 4 before the dog is instagram.. I was bored at some point ;)