søndag den 16. oktober 2011

Christmas lovin' haul

Before I start this blog I would like to apologize to those who hate christmas (don't even know how that is possible lol) for seeing these pictures pop up. Stop reading this cause I won't want to waste your time =D

I love christmas and everything about it, honestly Im a christmas monster - no joke I listen to christmas songs all year round.
Last christmas (ha like the song) was a crappy christmas, my bf lost his grandpa - a very charming man, so I've decided that this year is gonna kick major balls.
My bf and I was grocery shopping when we saw that they had a small christmas sale at the store so I couldn't help myself and I bought some stuff

Red christmas balls - don't know if they are called that but hey im the writer lol

Two pinecone candles

the christmas thingy you put on the three.. I thought they were all the same but no.. I have to go buy some more now

Oh and I got this danish christmas magazine last weekend from my bf - He knows I love christmas

hope you guys are having a great weekend


5 kommentarer:

  1. This is like my tenth time trying to comment! I don't know what is going on with my phone =\
    Lol u r the writer! I like ur humor :)
    I dislike Christmas ( I have good reasons) but I do enjoy seeing others getting all christmas monster like lol. Great Christmas stuff you got! Do u guys put up a real tree?

  2. Blogger has been weird to me too =/
    yes im going all christmassy out so real tree it is... my bf's dad has a place where he plants christmas trees and takes care of them, so we can choose anyone we want for free... that is like the best part woop =D

  3. yay that is exciting =D I never had a real tree growing up! but I hear they are the best

  4. Wow pine cone candles, I want! christmas can never come too early for me!

  5. Taygan: You never had a real one :O its not christmas without it.. Its danish tradition that you dance around the christmas tree on christmas eve

    Sara: Yay a fellow christmas lover. and same for me :D