lørdag den 22. oktober 2011

In bloom

Okay so this is just gonna be a small short girly girl blog about a flower, yup and its even a real one.
I got the flower a year and a half a go from my mother in law, and its pretty much been dead ever since I tried taking care of it.
Then a month or so ago it started blooming again, and this week the first flowers came.
Its kinda weird its starting to bloom cause lately I've been kinda bad at watering it lol... maybe thats a good thing
I know its stupid, but its small unexpected things like this that makes me happy =D

So here it was, short, girly blog. I hope it didn't suck too much lol

Hope you guys are having a great saturday


3 kommentarer:

  1. It's not stupid Mie! It's really pretty... I didn't even know flowers lasted that long!Clearly I don't have any lol. My cats always eat them if I ever do have one!

  2. haha neither did i. We are actually thinking about getting a cat but we are not sure yet

  3. Ooo you really should if you like them! I really dislike when ppl get them and get rid of them after they realize the work involved :(
    I couldn't imagine not having one,they are super fun:)