torsdag den 13. oktober 2011

24 hard hours

These last 24 hours has been an emotional rollercoaster for me an my family.
I was not gonna talk about it here, but I thought it would be nice just to get it out since things are okay now.
My stepdad had surgery last night and was floating between life and death, but thank god I was told a couple of hours ago that he is gonna make it.
It all startet with him feeling a bit sick so he cut the day short at work and got home to my mom. He took some pills cause he was feeling some pain but they didn't really work and all of the sudden he just fell to the ground.
My mom called an ambulance and he went to the hospital. They found out he had something with his  Coronary arteries that sits close to the heart or on the heart (not really sure), so he had to have surgery for 7 hours. 
They lost him once in surgery but someone up there held their hand over him, and the doctors brought him back to life.
After the surgery he had to use a breathing device, and he was then taken slowly off it around 12 today.
Finally around 15 or 16 o' clock I was told he was good, talking and even laughing a little bit.

So as you can imagine it has been some crazy 24 hours, but thank god everything is all right.
I was stupid enough to go to work today, and I totally broke down so I was sent home.
Its sad that it takes something like that for us to notice how precious life is, and we should live it every day to its fullest.  

Don't take life for granted 

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  1. Omg I pray everything is alright! My dad was in the hospital a few months ago too but not as serious as yours, but I still know how scary it is! Im here if you ever want to talk! Ill pray for you and your family :)

  2. Wow that is so scary I know I'd be a mess if that happened to anyone in my family. I'm so happy to hear he made it and hope he recovers well, hope you're well too!

  3. I hope he makes a fast recovery! My friend got a phone call today at lunch from her Dad because her sister had been in a car accident that was so serious that she had to be cut out of the car and rushed to hospital. A few months ago another close friends mum found out she had breast cancer. It's crazy how quickly things can change and we really should live everyday to its full potential. Hope you're okay, stay strong xxx

  4. I'm so sorry that your stepdad is sick :( It's really hard when a loved one is really unwell. Hope he recovers well.

  5. I am so sorry Mie :( that is just terrible, I hope your mom is hanging in there as well. I am glad to hear things are looking better and hopefully he is very well soon.
    I agree people take things for granted way too much and I reall believe we need to be thankful for something everyday..especially our health and for the ones around us.

  6. thank you so much to all of you guys, your words helped a lot.

    beautybykimi : you are so sweet and an amazing person thank you *hugs*

    amanda: yeah its way to scary but thank god he is okay now and thank you

    amanda nr 2: wow I hope everyone around you is okay... talk to me if you want

    confetti hearts: thank you so much, he is doing better

    Taygan: Yeah you are so right. Life sucks a lot of times but we just have to make the best of it :) thank you for the talks