torsdag den 6. oktober 2011

New yorker haul =D

Last weekend I did some major shopping at a store called New yorker. I can honestly say its my favorite clothing store - I simply just love it.
I have to warn you guys about the picture quality cause it sucks big time. It been raining like crazy, so no real sun light. Yup I guess the winter is getting really close now.

A cute vest. always wanted one and this made me look skinny lol

A pair of blue (yes blue) sweatpants

A cool t-shirt

And a black long sleeved top

I also bought underwear, but eeeh thats kinda private lol

Oh and on top of that I told my bf to go pick out whatever he wanted (men and shopping, that's why I wasn't afraid to tell him to go pick out, I knew he wouldn't spank my card lol), and then I would pay for it. I would show you guys pictures but yeah...its already dirty

Yay for friday tomorrow


3 kommentarer:

  1. How sweet of you to buy your bf something :) we never have to worry about guys spending much shopping! :)
    Cute haul!

  2. Lol u don't need anythinng to make you look skinny, you are! I've seen pictures!
    great haul I like the black shirt :) and so sweet of you to buy him something :)

  3. Beautybykimi: yeah I know thats one of the great things about men lol

    Taygan: aww thanks, and yeah i think its important that its not only the guys who give girls presents and stuff =)