onsdag den 26. september 2012

Wishlist wednesday #16

1.Zara shoes: OMG DROOL!!!! I WANT THESE SO BAD!!!!

2. Rocksmith game: for the xbox... learn to play guitar while you play xbox... what is better than that? (its already out in the us and it comes out in Denmark tomorrow)

3. Scented candles. I loove candles

What is on your wishlist this wednesday?

Xoxo Mie

3 kommentarer:

  1. pretty shoes! (but i'd be scared to walk in those. lol)
    hmmm i want a couple of NARS duo eyeshadows and more blushes, and maybe another perfume! ;p

  2. Candles? Amazing. And those shoes? Gorgeous. You're making me want to head to the store... ;)