mandag den 17. september 2012

Pictures from last week

Hi guys thought I would share a little of my everyday life in pictures (cause I never do that...? LOL)

Monday on my way home from school.. I was TIRED!

My english home work - not bad huh?

I am usually one of the first people in class

Gym time.. I look so tired here

wednesday is my day off from school, and my bf decided to surprise me with flowers and chocolate... I am so lucky

Then we went to a little lake near our apartment so we could feed the ducks :D

Then I decided I wanted to try some new tea... The Chai tea is so freaking good.

Then my mother in law came by for some coffee and she had this sweet little guy with her... yay

Yesterday (sunday) I baked a carrot cake and it turned out really good :D ... The bf and I don't like the frosting that comes with it so we wanted to have it without and it was just as good...yum

I hope you guys are going to have an amazing week :D

Xoxo Mie

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