lørdag den 22. september 2012

My grown up haul

There is nothing like shopping to make your day better, is there? lol
The thing that scared me the most about this little haul was how excited I was buying grown up stuff - I think I could have bought the whole store... I am way too tired/sick to find what the names of the things I bought is called, but you'll guess it, its not that hard ;)

For water

I had to buy candles while I was there :D

I like to mix the colors... its more fun that way

A salad bowl

Painting stuff

And now I am just relaxing with a cup of green tea and a cookie

I hope you guys are having a great weekend

Xoxo Mie

3 kommentarer:

  1. Such a lovely little haul :)
    Have a great weekend too!


  2. cute haul!
    i love the salad bowl. ;)

    hope you're enjoying your weekend as well!