fredag den 14. september 2012

Friday favorites #3

As I wrote the last time I made a friday favorites, I really like getting inspired by others, and hope I can inspire others as well.

Boyband: One Direction.. omg I am so ashamed.. I only know that one song that's out. I am not gonna lie, I did try to avoid them but then I saw them at the olympics (first time I heard a song from them) and loved that song, but then I forgot about them until this week when my spotify radio wanted to play that song (I can't remember what its called) and its been on repeat now a couple of times.
Oh btw the reason why I am ashamed is because they are so young! I am an old hag next to them lol

Tv show: X factor USA. I usually don't watch these kinds of talent shows, but Britney is one of the hosts so I had to see what it was all about, and omg its good. Simon has some competition on saying no and being mean lol

Cartoon: You just got to love Johnny Bravo... thats all I have to say

Clothing: Cardigans are my favorite right now. it can dress up and dress down a look

Food: Danish dream cake... Nothing is better than this, especially now that its autumn

Hope your weekend is gonna be filled with smiles :D

Xoxo Mie

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