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Orchid care tips

For a few years now I have been that typical girl that would buy orchids and when its not in bloom I'd throw it out agin. I've tried waiting for the beautiful flower to bloom again, but to be honest I didn't know how to care for it and I didn't have the patient. 
That my lovelings has changed... About two months ago I got a beautiful blue orchid from my boyfriend and last night the thought came to mind, what should I do when its not in bloom (resting period).
First of I know that the flower is a diva flower and is very delicate, second I know there is no such thing as original blue orchids - basically we are paying extra money for the same orchid (that costs less) but just with some blue color sprayed in.

So here are some tips for when the diva flower is in bloom and when its resting:

  • Water the plant once a week (best with rainwater or with boiled water that is cold again
  • Put the orchid in a light place, but not in direct sunlight
  • When the flower is in bloom give it some special orchid fertilization
  • When the orchid is in its resting state (no flowers on it)it needs to rest! Move it to a colder area and water it every 3-4 weeks and cut the faded stilk off
  • As soon as it starts blooming again the resting period is done

The tips are from a danish magazine called Mood 

Do you guys like these tips, and do you have some orchid tips I forgot to put in there?

Xoxo Mie

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