fredag den 10. august 2012


So this post was originally supposed to be up yesterday, but I was honestly just way too tired. When I got home from school I had a super long nap, watched a  little tv and went back to bed again - So here are my friday thoughts instead.

School: I have not been that nervous for something in a really long time its crazy. So far all I have been doing is tests.. today has been math day. We had to do two long math tests and then some math games... oh my head - thats all I have to say.

New bag: I love my new bag, the only downside is that it is so big that I can actually loose things in that bag haha. I might do a whats in my bag post or video once I get used to school again.

Iphone/gps: My phone is serously my best friend (sorry boyfriend).. I get lost so easily you wouldn't believe it, and thanks to my little wonder baby it doesn't happen that often anymore - now I just have to learn how to read a map (gps).

Getting a picture taken: I hate when people snap photos of me so how do you guys think I felt when I had to get my picture taken for my buspass. I am not lying when I say there is something wrong with that picture, my face is so fat in it... even my bf laughed. It may be the way the photographer took the photo, but wow. No one is allowed to see it

That is it for this round of friday thoughts, my head needs a rest haha... hats off to all of you who goes to school.

xoxo Mie

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