lørdag den 4. august 2012


Today I admit I got a little crazy-ish and bought a lot of stuff I really shouldn't have but I just needed it so bad. So here is my haul I want to share with you guys

I got this from vero moda - I never really thought this would suit me but wow im in love :P

I love accessories - Belt and earrings from Trend accessories

The rest is from new yorker.
Oversized yellow tshirt... it is more yellow in real life

This top is so freaking cool. I love skulls


My bf found this for me :D

Another pair of jeggings... I know they look big but a girl needs something loose when its that time of month. TMI I know ;)

They were on sale... crazy sale. I needed them so I bought them

I also bought a bra but that is a no show.

What have you guys bought recently?
I hope you guys are having a great weekend 

Xoxo Mie

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