tirsdag den 20. marts 2012

My monday surprise

Hi all you lovely bloggerbugs.
Feels like forever since I've blogged sorry about that.
I have this ongoing family drama thing that I feel like is draining me for energy, so its not like I've forgotten any of you lovely people out there.
I was actually thinking of trying to make april a blog of the day month just like I did february (I might miss one day in april though cause Im going out of town)

Anyways yesterday (monday) I kinda had the monday blues a bit... Work is going really slow at the moment (thanks to the economy) and on top of that it was a monday = sucky day
Then my bf textet me and it said... when you get home do nothing but relax, and I will work my magic in the kitchen... all I could think was awww im so lucky

When he finally got of work he went straight to the store to buy some food.
When he got home he said close your eyes I have a surprise for you - The surprise were some easter flowers as I call them. If you guys know what they are called please let me know.
He then started making dinner (I wasn't allowed to help) and it smelled goooood. I love when I dont have to cook lol.
He made some huge homemade burgers with homemade fries. (Kinda healthy version - I have a previous post on the burgers here)
And trust me when I say they tasted good :)

Oh and he bought some delicious organic easter beer. I decided the bottle was to big for me so I made him share it with me lol

I hope you guys are having a great week so far

Xoxo Mie

11 kommentarer:

  1. I'm pretty sure it is a lily!! and very sweet of him :)

  2. those are daffodils and they are soo pretty! sorry you have a lot going on. I do too at the moment, but having a support system, like your bf, sure does help! you are a lucky lady!!


    1. Thank you Niki... Im sorry you have a lot going on too... if you need someone to talk to im here :)

  3. The flowers look lovely :) They do look like daff's :)


    1. Yeah they are so pretty.. and thanks for the help :)

  4. Love the flowers!! They are gorgeous. You got yourself a keep there ;)

  5. Wow... That's very sweet of him. How very lucky you are!

  6. aww your bf is soo sweet!! My bf would never do that lol. And the beer looks good.
    I hope tomorrow isnt another crap monday, I've been stuck in the blahh mood lately too and man is it ever hard to get out =/