lørdag den 24. marts 2012

A few pics

So here are some picture from yesterday (friday) and today that I wanted to share with you guys.

Friday at work was kind of a different day cause we all had to say goodbye to a very sweet old lady that thought it was about time to stop her career (she's been there for 29 years).
So we all got together to eat some lunch together

Food porn

After work the bf and I drove to Germany so we could buy some soda and stuff, and this was the view when we drove back home to Denmark again

Today (saturday) we got up at 4am so we could drive to a beach that was a bit far away. The bf wanted to do some metal detecting there

My new painting that I bought finally got a spot on the wall :)

Uh and this was my very first time baking muffins - it is the bf's birthday tomorrow and the nearest family is coming so I made a little  somethin' somethin'

Sorry that this blog is a bit short but I am super duper ding dong tired lol

Btw super duper ding dong is my new word... I've been driving my boyfrind nuts saying that all day long haha

I hope you guys a having a great saturday

Xoxo Mie

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  1. cute post! and those muffins look sooo delish!


  2. Lovely photos! and you make me wanna eat those chocolate muffins! :D