mandag den 12. marts 2012

All the men I wanted to marry

So I was listening to music on Spotify and a certain song came on and I couldn't help but laugh cause all of the sudden I remembered that when I was younger I was sure I was gonna marry this dude.. and then I got to thinking of all the dudes I said I was gonna marry and thought I wanted to share my little list with you guys.

My first real celeb crush was ... dun dun Nick Carter from the backstreet boys.
Oh how I adored him.. I actually saw a pic of him recently and he does not look bad

All of the sudden I liked Aj... also from the backstreet boys
Uhm.. that was a quick periode... back to nick again lol

Then I noticed nsync and OMG Justin Timberlake was a cutie... 
Okay he is a no brainer.. a lot of girls thought he was and still is hot

Okay now this is a funny one... my style changed a bit and I became a huge fan of Simple plan, and honestly I wanted to marry them all lol but Pierre bouvier was and still is the favorite

 Good charlotte started getting airplay in Denmark and uh this was a hard one.. I kept going back and forth between Joel and Benji Madden

One of the last crushes I had was Frank Iero from My chemical Romance

And dun dun duuun this is the guy I've ended up with

I've never been more in love and of all of the guys above he is the most handsome one and can't wait to be the future Ms Jørgensen 
I could go on about why I love him and what makes him special but I wont bore you guys with that... right now lol

So what do you guys think about all the men I wanted to marry?
And who do you want to marry?

Xoxo Mie

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  1. I used to LOVE NIck Carter too. Then I suddenly switched to the lead singer of Sum 41. How did we go from Pop to Punk? hahaha

  2. I LOVED Joel before he got with what's her face and now his music and life seem so different :(
    It's always fun to look back at the crushes we had and how it's changed!