fredag den 2. august 2013

It was my birthday...YAY

My birthday was the 29th of July and I turned 26 years young ;)

My day was great. The sun was shining, it was hot outside and I woke up feeling happy. Days like that are the best. Anyways I was home alone because my boyfriend had to work that day (buuh) so I was playing a bit on my nintendo (one of my birthday presents from my bf) and then about 1 pm, while I was doing the dishes the doorbell rang, and I was like WTF who is that. Then when I opened the door is see this flower guy with a huge bouquet of roses that was bigger than the guys head

 photo IMG_4787_zps8adce4e2.png
Sooo pretty right?
17 long stemmed red roses, plus a cute card and chocolate. The roses was from my boyfriend who wrote in that card that he was thinking of me and that he couldn't wait until he got home - So romantic

 photo IMG_4762_zps78d3b6ba.jpg
A cute heart box filled with chocolate

 photo IMG_4765_zpsbf60185f.jpg
It was REALLY good chocolate

Later on that day, my boyfriend returned back home and his parents and their cute dog Sam came by to wish my a happy birthday. That was actually so sweet that they came by, cause they live about a 2 hour drive away from my bf and I.

Then we finished the day with great food and Oz the great and powerful (also a one of my presents that I got)

I hope you guys are doing great and yay it's weekend


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  1. Happy belated birthday!! all the best for you and hope you had a wonderful day! <3

    1. Thank you so much <3 my day was amazing

  2. Hope you had a fab birthday! xo