onsdag den 15. maj 2013

Wednesday workout routine

Hey guys... it is finally wednesday, and that means only two days until friday wooop
I thought I would share my wednesday workout with you guys, so you can kick your butt into shape with me :P
I haven't been working out for 3 days and I can feel it in my body. I was packing and moving boxes around, when I made a wrong lift. I have been in bed for two days, it was not until yesterday I was somewhat normal :)

Enough talking, Lets workout...

Do this routine 2x 

Do this one 3x

This one 3x

And you probably guessed it... this one 3x

You can finish this off by doing some cardio for at least 30 mins. Run, power walk or even dance. We are going to have heavy rain in my part of the country today, so I am not sure I can squeeze in a powerwalk, but then I will be dancing my butt of infront of the tv (Xbox)

What are your favorite youtube workout channels? I need inspiration :D

I hope you guys are having a great week :)


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