lørdag den 23. marts 2013


We all have one. A song that makes you smile, every time you hear it. Yesterday I was asked what song makes you happy... I honestly couldn't answer that... so many songs, so little memory when you are in a bad mood.
This morning I turned on my computer and thought to myself, Okay lets rehearse some OneRepublic songs so when I go to Paris I can sing them better than the band lol
All of the sudden I hear the song If I lose myself and it made me smile instantly. I have loved this song ever since it came out, but in a weak moment I forgot all about it.
How lovely is it, when a song comes on and automatically you start to smile. That just makes my day. Nothing but greatness

Which song makes you smile?

Remember that you look much more beautiful with a smile on your face

Xoxo Mie

2 kommentarer:

  1. haha love the puppy's big smile. ;)
    i'm listening to "my one and only love" a lot lately. Ella Fitzgerald's version. this makes me smile. a pale smile..

  2. :) very cute dog!! That's funny my bf said to me yesterday you look prettier when you smile.. I guess people do.
    So hard to pick a song!!! I have many I love as well but I think girl at the rock show-blink is one of my faves<3