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Last week... almost two weeks ago, I got the chance to visit the Beautiful Belgium, with my school. It was an interesting trip, as it was freezing cold, the hotel sucked and we got lost 90 % of the time lol
What I like about Brussels (the capital of Belgium) is that it is so pretty, and you kind of feel like you are stepping out of time into an old time era. The buildings are incredibly beautiful. What I don't like about Brussels, are the people. Not only is it hard to navigate around if you dont speak french or german, but the people I met was kind of rude, hustling and just annoyed... and I am a very friendly person, just so you know lol

Enough of me writing... get ready for picture overload :D

Belgian Waffels 
The street of Brussels
Some church
Manneken Pis

 photo IMG_0048_zps682f40ec.jpg
So pretty

 photo IMG_0055_zpsfe6cfead.jpg

 photo IMG_0058_zps9b7c9f76.jpg

 photo IMG_0071_zps04679842.jpg

 photo IMG_0108_zps7d340781.jpg
With some of my friends :)

 photo IMG_0116_zpsea5c6660.jpg
Ticket for the comic strip museum 

 photo IMG_0122_zps291e21ea.jpg

 photo IMG_0133_zpse119171c.jpg
I'm a spas lol

 photo IMG_0162_zpse34b6f31.jpg
The Atomium

 photo IMG_0181_zps827b073f.jpg
The view from Atomium

 photo IMG_0214_zps9c878037.jpg

 photo IMG_0291_zps43cf0058.jpg
When in Belgien, visit a brewery and drink beer

 photo IMG_0304_zpsdf167d27.jpg
Vistin the EU parlement 

I do have a lot of other great pictures, but the best you can see here :)

Hope you guys had a great weekend

Xoxo Mie

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