lørdag den 23. marts 2013


Hey guys...
I know I haven't blogged much, but honestly I haven't really been feeling the blog bug. I know I have lost a lot of readers, because I don't really write about make up and style, but guess what I don't care. I am no make up godess, and I will never become that. I have no style and I am just weird.
If people don't like me for me, then that is not my problem, but if you do read my blog you are awesome. Don't get me wrong... I still like makeup and nail polishes and stuff, but I can't afford buying it all the time and again I am just a spas lol

Anywhozzels, I have been super busy with school. Finals are soon coming up.
I spent ast week in Belgium. Pics to come, I promise. Oh and only a couple of weeks more to come until I go to paris - I am so excited.
Today I finally got easter break, and I am so excited to do nothing but to draw and play computer. :D

So spring is finally here, even though here in Denmark it doesn't really feel like it. We just had a snowstorm :O yup I thought WTF, But here is my thought. So much snow, rain and freezing cold must mean that the summer is going to be freaking awesome and hot right?

Oh and one last thing. I am so addicted to Pretty Little Liars. That is such a good show, omg why didn't I watch it sooner? lol

I hope you all are doing okay.
Have a super awesome kick-ass weekend

Xoxo Mie

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  1. Awe Mie your not weird you are awesome! I absolutely love that you blog about everything!! I find it way more interesting then just makeup. Life is abut all sorts of things and I like to read about it.
    And don't worry just blog when you feel like it and don't when you don't, your real readers will always be here!
    And I don't get how these girls afford all this makeup... I buy like no Highend ever and can't afford half of all the drugstore shit out there...oh to be rich!
    Omg Paris! You are so lucky:) you have to kik or tweet me and let me know how that goes! Have a blast lady!