torsdag den 28. juni 2012

Throwback thursday #1

Thought I would share some of my old school embarresing songs I LOVED back then... now I just think back and think wtf was wrong with me lol

So here are some songs:

Me and My: DUb I Dub
Well in my defense, they are a danish group and it had so much airplay you wouldnt believe it and we all just sucked it in us. So yes I sang along to this song lol

Doctor Bombay: Rice & Curry
Words can't even describe what I was thinking... OMG so embarrassed. Well at least its funny

Aaron Carter: I want candy
Even though I was too old for him I thought he was cute lol.. I listened to this a lot I even have 3 cd's with him (yup I know you guys dont have to say anything lol)

Eiffel 65: Blue
Oh this song brings back memories.. I honestly still think is good and funny but its at the crossline of being embarrasing lol

Aqua: Barbie girl
Another danish band. Oh man I was so embarrased that I actually gave my cd away to my uncle back then lol

What embarrasing songs do you guys know?

Hope you guys are good

Xoxo Mie

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