onsdag den 20. juni 2012

My new favorite thing

Summer is slowly arriving here in little Denmark.. I say slowly cause mostly its been rainy or really windy here.
Anywhozzels I started running on the beach last month and it has probably been the hardest (workout) I have done. The only time I've run is in the gym. I have a knee injury from way back and I have been scared to run ever since cause my kneecap pops out basically when it wants to.
But I thought to myself nope no more being afraid im just gonna do it, so I went running - and so far I love it.
I cant run that far cause my knee starts acting wierd but then I just take a small walking break and after that im running again :)

These are some pictures from yesterday

I use the app (for my iphone) endomondo, it tracks your running really well, as well as other activities.
Yesterday I reached 6.80 km on the beach - that is my best so far.
My legs have been dying today lol, so no exercise today

I hope you all are good :D

Xoxo Mie

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