torsdag den 25. april 2013

❊ Thursday thoughts ❊

Hey guys. It's been a while since I have shared my thoughts with you guys, and I had that well known blogger ich, so I thought why not :D

As some of you know I had an awesome chance to visit Paris and end it all with a concert with Onerepublic, before going home again. Paris is AMAZING and if you have the chance to go then GO!. the food, the people the buildings... Omg everything is perfect.
I will do a blog with pictures and everything, but I still need a couple of pics from my cousin before I do so. 

Onerepublic has been a band I have loved since before everyone started listening to them, so I was extremely happy to get the chance to see them live. They have inspired me so much from small projects to life decisions... Their lyrics are just so special in a good way that makes you think about things.
I've been listening non stop to their new album Native... so good. 

It feels so good to be drawing again. For a period I was not feeling it at all, but something sparked my creativity and now I am back to loving it. I was actually thinking about drawing some special drawings and selling them as prints. What do you guys think of that?

I hope everyone out there is doing great and are happy.

Lots of hugs to you all


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