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Recipe for pita bread

Hey everyone

So It was requested by the sweet Marie (Click here) to write my recipe for the pita bread I did the other day... so here I go :)

what you need :
Bread - It doesn't have to be pita bread, it just has to be round(whole wheat if you can)
200-400 g Chicken or turkey breasts
1-2 tbs Extra virgin olive oil
greek yoghurt
1 BIG clove or 3 -4 small ones Garlic
bbq spice
paprika spice
Chili spice
salt + pepper
and last... salad of your choice - I used :
A pepper fruit (bell pepper)

What to do you may ask?

Preheat the oven and set it for what it says on the bread bag (usually here in denmark its around 200 C)
Now get a pan hot and put the olive oil on... cut the turkey or chicken breast into small pieces (doesn't have to be perfect) and season it with a bit of bbq spice and salt + peber... put it on the pan... and let it cook until you can see (and smell mmmm) its done...
In the meantime you're fixing the salad and toppings in small bowls so people can choose for them self what they want on the bread
Depending on how much dressing you want you just take some greek yoghurt in a small bowl ( I take about 4 - 5 tbs and thats for 2 persons + its leftover for the next day)
Press the garlic in (as much as you can get out of those bad boys), put in salt, pepper, paprika and chili. I can't tell you how much to put in, cause it kinda depends on how strong you want it.. me and the bf tend to go pretty strong so yeah hehe
now in with the bread so they can be done at the same time as the meat (I usually give my breads around 5 mins)
When meat and bread are done you just put them up on plates and you're done

Instead of cutting the bread through so you can put your salad in, I usually just put the salad/toppings/meat on top of the bread... that way I wont mess as much - cause lets face it Im a messy head :D... use a knife and fork and voila you're good to go

I hope you guys like it :D

Love always, Mie

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