fredag den 10. september 2010

Hellcats... workout?

hello hello

So did anyone see that new show Hellcats? I thought it was pretty good... Im definitely gonna try and watch that as much as I can :) anyways before i saw the show I saw the promo poster for it and seriously it got me so motivated to workout... Just look at Aly's flat stomach... i want that and Im gonna get it
So I searched a bit for Aly's workout and it was a bit hard to find some updated routines (probably cause I didn't have enough time on my hand), But I did find an old video with Aly & aj where they are working out and it looks GOOD! 

You can get the feeling of what they do, and make it your own.. i did it and god I was sweating like a pig

Hope this motivates you

Love always

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